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Maren Lunkenheimer

We proudly present:
#2 >> Maren Lunkenheimer, Bad Kreuznach | Germany:

gold von morgen

to discover oneself and that which has always been.

and all that hasn’t been yet.

you know what that means … that story with the caterpillar and the butterfly.

integral and holistic COACHING & WORKSHOPS
purposely unconventional. creative. open minded and open hearted. and always pleasure. call it joie de vivre.

those who want to taste life, indulge, lovers of life, and all those who long to be.
for the curious, creatives, aesthetes, beginners, questioners, ponderers and wonderers, belly thinkers, visionaries, dreamers.
and those who embrace the possibility. or haven’t dared yet.

MAREN LUNKENHEIMER is the soul behind gold von morgen. a creative, strategic, unconventional contemplating mind. a marketing divine, a communications psychologist and holistic coach – add heart and soul, intuition and passion for joie de vivre and treasure hunts and finding the pot of gold within. add future and change, with sense & sensibility. and chocolate of course.

that is maren. that is gold von morgen.

PS. gold von morgen.
let me translate. your gold of tomorrow.


#1 >> Andrea Nagel, Mogán | Canarias, Spain:

Please take a look >> HERE <<


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